Haverfield Park

Project Designer and Developer
Barbara Caswell

In 1992, Barbara and her husband purchased a beautiful old farm, complete with one tiny farmhouse and miles of barbed wire. Since then, she has guided every step of the development of Haverfield Park. The beautiful reality of the luxurious country living only possible here is the far-reaching vision of what Barbara envisioned 12 years ago.

Originally a graphic designer, Barbara's interest in remodeling led to focusing her efforts on responsible property development today. In addition to providing the basic plan for Haverfield Park and its buildings, habitats, landscapes and interiors, Barbara's design background is extensive. She's designed logos, wine labels, packaging, costumes, clothing and furniture, building many of her own pieces. She has also cared for orphaned and injured animals as a member of Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue, and writes "Make Habitat a Habit" for The San Francisco Chronicle and for other publications. Her technique is to define her master plan, and know when to search out expert advice.

Bill Bagby

A highly sought-after Petaluma-based home designer and draftsman, Bill created all the working drawings for Heron House, shepherded them through governmental plan review and was instrumental in bringing Barbara's vision of the house to reality.

Even the craftsmen who worked from Bill's drawings commented on his knowledge and practical grasp of the construction process, ensuring that what he designed, could also be built…and they were most appreciative of his accessibility and skills-as were the owners.

Development and Building Consultant
Richard Hill

A former general contractor with over 30 years of hard-won experience, Richard Hill provided invaluable real-world advice and assistance to the creation of Haverfield Park. Richard was consulted at every phase of the project, beginning with the land purchase and lot split process, and extending through the selection of all the various consultants and contractors involved in Haverfield's development over the last 12 years.

Working together, Richard and Barbara also drafted Haverfield's original master site plan and the basic floor plan for Heron House.

Site Consultant
Shawn Montoya

One of Petaluma's most respected hometown architects-with an emphasis on and personal interest in old-home design-Shawn was consulted in the development of Haverfield's extensive drainage plan. Building from Shawn's concepts, Barbara and Richard were able to design a site plan that maximized the scenic, practical and environmental benefits of Haverfield's many watercourses.

Project Engineers
Paul, Steven & David Brown

As the principals of their firm-Adobe Engineering, located in Santa Rosa-the Browns collectively provided valuable contributions to all the practical aspects of developing Haverfield Park.

Adobe Engineering acted as the owners' representative with the county government during the entire lot split process; conducted the necessary boundary, septic and topographic surveys; and provided Heron House's grading and septic plans.

General Contractor
Albert Woodbury

Albert was chosen to build Heron House for his skill as a fine craftsman and his artistic abilities in creating a new house that instantly feels like it has been here for a hundred years.

From the home's subtle banded corner pilasters to its elaborate, dentil-molded entry hall supported by columns with classic entasis, the timelessness of Heron House can be credited both to the vision of its designer, and the attention to detail of its master builder. Accurate details are thanks to framer Pete Gaskell and fine finish carpenters Ted Dutcher and Nels Berthold.

Prior to building Heron House, one of Albert's many unique projects was the faithful restoration of author Jack London's historic "Beauty Ranch" for the California State Parks Department. Currently, he resides part time in Pont de Cause, France, where he and his crew have spent the last two years remodeling a 17th century farmhouse and turning it into an absolutely charming historical bed & breakfast. Click here for a link to Albert and his newest venture.

Other Haverfield Park Craft, Tradesman and Suppliers of note

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