Haverfield Park

Compare the Improvements at Heron House to Other Country Parcels:

Clearing and demolition of old materials
Engineering and design to establish ideal building envelopes, views and drainage
Surveying of boundary lines
Power & gas brought to site
Tractor grading for improved drainage
Build pond, line with natural bentonite
Dry stacked rock work to protect drainage
Construct stone waterfalls, bridges
Build asphalt roads
Irrigate house garden
Secondary field irrigation to keep year-round green meadow in wetlands area
Faucets installed to provide pressured water far out in fields
1000s of feet of underground conduits buried for correct drainage w/ grates
Stone pumphouse built to hide pressure tanks, timers, water softener
Advance planting of trees and shrubs to provide mature foliage w/newer house
Two acres of landscaping (20% of purchase price of most homes)
Brick paths, spiral brick columns protecting fire pipe, steps, birdhouse base
Complete entry system: brick columns, custom gate, electric opener w/ battery back-up & entry code. Buried wires allow free exit

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