Haverfield Park

Buying Country Property for the First Time?

Wells and septic systems can be intimidating for city dwellers, but all of our neighbors moved here from suburbia and love it here. Buying a newer property ensures that modern higher standards have been imposed on both of these essential country systems.

Wells: Newer wells and older wells are not the same, although they both may be producing water. New, higher standards require a 100 ft. casing that protects against common pollutants in shallow soils. In an area of plentiful water, like this one, older wells may be very shallow.

Septic: Although both old and new systems may be functional, they may have crucial differences in future potential. Many first-time country buyers don't understand that the septic capacity for any specific parcel determines what the county will allow to be built upon it. Buyers must beware a parcel with poor drainage, which could possibly have a structure on it that might never be allowed a permit to expand.

These days, mound systems are more commonly approved than the old standard systems.

*When we bought country property for the first time, we hired Adobe Engineering of Santa Rosa to guide us through the process, with very satisfactory results.

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