Haverfield Park

"When we heard this comment from one of our workmen, we knew all the hard work was worth it."

Heron House is an authentic reproduction of a traditional country estate, and some of the moldings used here were milled from colonial blueprints.

The best of the new:
Fireplaces that really work, new plumbing and electrical, Category 5 wiring, modern earthquake proofing and insulation…and real clad wood windows that never need exterior paint.

It's country living, yes, but hardly roughing it, with regular garbage pick-up and natural gas instead of propane. There are plans to upgrade the look of the neighborhood mailboxes, which are more secure than those out on a busy lane.

A note for those who hope to remodel with these easy care, tilt-to-clean Marvin Ultimate Double-Hung windows: they are weather tough and manufactured for use in historic restorations back east, but in some other areas of Sonoma County, you might only be able to get painted wood windows approved. We felt lucky to get these.

No worries here about lead paint or asbestos.

And the best of the old:
Authentic materials: Baked clay bricks and clinkers, Sonoma County fieldstones, real cedar siding and true divided light windows, handmade leaded glass and fine maple and mahogany cabinetry.

In a house built for generations, rustic surfaces that age gracefully will only add to the authenticity of this home. Copper attains its highest value when it develops a patina over time, knotty Australian Cypress floors forgive the realities of daily use, travertine and butcherblock countertops can be allowed to age naturally, making for an easy life here. Darkened bronze hardware will develop highlights where human hands use the house--as they should.

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